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I'm baaaack!!

It's been far too long.
Unfortunately... I'm back to a new LiveJournal. 

I plan to add a bunch of my old friends,
And make some new ones.

If you're interested in keeping up with me...
Lemme know.

If you're still peeved over something I did last time I was on...
Lemme know. 
'Cause I wanna apologise and try to make things right again.


The East Coast Co.

Click the image above and see what everyones talking about :].
What do you look like??

Go to Google and type in "(your name here) looks like". 
Then post your ten fave results in your journal. 
Beware: You might actually laugh. :)

"Jessica looks like..."

1) ...she was punched in the face one too many times too; it would have been interesting to see their children. 
2) ...a plastic blow up doll and I don't mean that in a good complimentary way.
3) ...she should be running top secret government missions instead of being a Hollywood sex symbol.
4) ...she just saw the actual size of nick's dick.
5) ...a demon off of inuyasha.
6) ...an ugly guy trying to pass as a girl.
7) ...a fucking rabid clown.
8) ...an over-botoxed tranny.
9) ...someone dropped her into a barrell of extra strength TANG.
10) ...she smells something rank in every picture.

Oct. 22nd, 2006

So I've decided to just take a break from the whole shipping thing, just as I told rainbower the other day. I really don't want to get bored with it and give up forever, and I might read the occasional fic or something - but if you sent me anything to beta or look over and I haven't sent it back, this is why and I will gladly try to find you a substitute beta or something. 

I just need to ditch the ship long enough to get sh*t taken care of here and to explore other sides to me and stuff.

"It's not you, it's me" seems to sum it up right now.

In other news, for those of you who aren't chucking things at me right now:

so yeah, night peoples~!

---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
-- Cried: Yes
-- Worn jeans: Wearing 'em right now.
-- Met someone new online: Nope
-- Done laundry: Nuh uh... I sent Lorna to do it.
-- Drove a car: Yeah
-- Talked on the phone: Yep

---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------
-- Yourself: Sometimes
-- Your friends: Sometimes
-- Santa Clause: No... but I believe in Santa Claus.
-- Tooth Fairy: Nope...
-- Fate/Destiny: Sorta.
-- Angels: Yeah
-- Ghosts: Yeah
-- UFO's: Of course! I just think the stereotypical UFO is a bit sketchy. I mean, if I chuck a paper ball at my sister and she doesn't identify it immediately, then it is technically an Unidentified Flying Object... or a UFO.

--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
-- Do you ever wish you had another name?: I kinda liked the name I almost got... and I might just use it for a kid or if I ever have to suddenly change my name.
-- Do you like anyone?: I don't know. :(
-- Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: *shrugs*
-- Are you close to any family members?: We have our moments.
-- Who do you like to hang around the most?: Depends on my day.

1. Your Name: Jessica Michelle
2. Your Nickname(s): Don't have any.
3. Your Birthday: August 30th
4. Your Age Now: 18
5. Your Location: Florence, AL, USA
6. Your school: University of North Alabama
7. School Grade: Freshman
8. Sex: Female


1. Hair Color: Blondish
2. Eye color: Blueish
3. Skin color: Tannish
4. Height: 5'10ish
6. Do you care about the way you look?: If a bear makes a poopie in the woods, does it still stink?
7. Do you ever get tanned?: Yes
8. Do you have big ears?: I don't think so...
9. Do you have contacts or glasses?: Yes

Have I Ever...
1. Eaten an entire box of Oreo's?: No... ew ((not the Oreo's, but the thought of eating all of them at once))
2. Gotten in a car accident?: Yes... two of them
3. Watched "Punky Brewster"?: Nope
4. Hiked a mountain?: LOL nope
5. Death Valley on horseback?: No way
6. Stayed home on a Saturday night just because?: Nope... it was more of a "stayed home on a Saturday night because no one else wanted anything to do with me"

In the Past Week Have I...
1. Cried?: Yes... more than once
3. Cut your hair?: No
4. Worn a skirt?: No... but I wanted to
5. Worn a tie?: No... but I wanted to
6. Been mean?: Probably
7. Been sarcastic?: Probably
8. Gone for a walk?: Between classes, yeah
9. Gone out for dinner?: Sorta
10. Met someone new?: Not really
11. Taken a test?: Yeah
12. Hugged someone?: Yeah, sorta... it was more like she glomped me and I just sat there
13. Kissed someone?: No
14. Danced with someone?: No
15. Had a nightmare?: No...
16. Fought with your parents? Maybe a little fit, but nothing major.
01. What color are your walls?: Yellow with wallpaper glue
02. What color is your bedspread/sheets: White with a Joe Boxer comforter.
03. What color is your rug?: Blue and orange and brown and dirty-mustard yellow... and it's shag.
04. Any posters/bulletin boards/designs in your room?: Nope
05. Do you have a TV? *My sister does the same thing, Irisri* & yes, but it doesn't work.
06. Do you have a phone?: No
07. Do you have your own computer?: Yes, but it's upstairs and my sisters use it more than I do because of the way it's sit-chee-ated.
08. Do you have a desk?: Not in my room...
09. What are your most treasured belongings in your room? My books and my jewelry and my boxes and little knickknacks
10. What are your most favorite things in your room?: My knickknacks
11. Do you have any fancy lights in your room?: Not really... I just have those classroom-esque lights in my ceiling... ya know, the ones with the long white bulbs and they're flat in the ceiling??? Yeah, those.

01. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?: Hit snooze.
02. Anything unusual?: Not really.
03. Do you pick out your clothes the night before school?: No
04. Do you try your best to look cute for school?: Sometimes

// SCHOOL //
01. What color is your backpack?: Purple and black
02. Do you try your best when it comes to school work?: Sometimes
03. Do you listen or doodle?: Doodle most of the time
05. Do you eat your cafeteria food, or go out?: Since I can't afford the cafeteria, I usually just drive home and eat before my next class.
06. What do you do right when schools over?: Drive home and hang out on the net.

// HOME //
When you come home are you.
01. Miserable?: Yeah
02. Happy?: Rarely
03. Tired?: Sometimes
04. LEAVE ME ALONE?: Pretty much

// OTHER //
01. Do you take walks around your neighborhood sometimes?: Very rarely. VERY rarely.
02. What are some hobbies of yours?: Books, music, etc.
03. Do you collect anything?: Not really.
04. What do you do in your spare time?: Read, listen to music, write, etc. etc.

01. What do you do before you go to bed?: I make sure my fan is on and the laundry room lights are out
02. Do you kiss your parents/guardians goodnight, or just say "goodnight"?: I usually go to bed after them, so just "night" when they go to bed does the trick.
03. What way do you sleep (ex: on your side, tummy, etc.)?: Facing my alarm clock most of the time
04. Do you like your life?: *Once again agreeing with Irisri* Honestly? I would change so much about my life if I could, but I can't... so I'm learning to live with it.
Last cigarette: I prefer secondhand smoke, thanks.
Last car ride: Earlier today.
Last good cry: Earlier today as I was driving and ranting to the empty passenger seat about my lack of a love/social life.
Last library book checked out: Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk about a month ago.
Last movie seen: The Grudge 2
Last book read: Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk
Last cuss word uttered: Fuck
Last beverage drank: Idk... but I really wanna beer.
Last food consumed: Idk... I doubt IceBreaker Sours count... so I guess it would be fries from Mickey D's.
Last crush: Dan
Last phone call: Mom, I think.
Last TV show watched: That 70's Show
Last time showered: Uhhh... I'm getting one in the morning? Oh, come on... I'm a college student, cut me some slack.
Last item bought: Gasoline
Last downloaded: *shrugs*
Last annoyance: Dan
Last disappointment: Dan
Last soda drank: Coca-Cola
Last thing written: My speech for class.
Last key used: The car keys??
Last word spoken: fuck
Last sleep: Woke up around eight this morning.
Last IM: Dunno... I think it was Aparna from the Shack.
Last ice cream eaten: Awww... I want ice cream~!!
Last time amused: The other night on the phone
Last time wanting to die: Actually, it's been awhile since I truly wanted to die.
Last time hugged: The other night?
Last chair sat in: The one I'm in now.
Last lipstick used: I don't wear lipstick... I wear lipgloss.

-----------------NUMBER OF-----------------
-- Number of girl/boyfriends you've had?: 2 boys & 3 girls
-- Number of drugs taken illegally: None
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: I don't know anymore.
-- Number of CDs that I own: About 6
-- Number of piercings: 2
-- Number of tattoos: 0
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: Idk.
-- Number of scars on my body: Idk
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: Idk

Oct. 18th, 2006

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